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Served as president of the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance for over 10 years, and was a long-time board member of the Minnesota Mental Health Association.
Co-founded the Warehouse District Business Association, and
was a long-time member of the Minneapolis Downtown Council.
Passed legislation that increased K-12 education per-pupil funding, and was a tireless advocate for higher education and workforce development.
Authored and passed public safety legislation, bills to cut taxes for Minnesota
families, and a bill to establish a statewide quit-line service to help Minnesotans quit using tobacco.

Connecting the Community

While Being a Practical Problem Solver

Like his unique brand of politics, Dario Anselmo doesn’t fit a typical mold. Tech startup founder, pilot for Tom Petty’s band, music club owner, and community leader are just a few of the experiences that have prepared Dario for this office.

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Thank You!

I am so very thankful to our supporters, my family and friends, and the voters we were able to connect with over the last year.  Wishing my opponent Chris LaTondresse the very best in his new job as a Hennepin County commissioner.
Issues we elevated such as mental health need to be the conversations we move forward with!
I continue to be concerned with the tribalism trap we are in, but am always hopeful for the future.
It is a new day, a new beginning, I choose to pick optimism and what is right with America.
Wishing everyone a healthy peaceful end to 2020!
Feel free to check out my future endeavors on my personal website,!


Education & advocacy for healthy habits are critical to controlling cost of healthcare.


There are various ways that the county can ensure that we are good stewards of the environment.

Mental Health

Making sure Hennepin County can provide stability for those who need it is critical.


Funding the county’s extensive roadway infrastructure and bridge network is critical.

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