Join the people and organizations who are supporting Dario for Hennepin County Commissioner

These people and organizations – who live, work and lead in Hennepin County – know what is needed in their next county commissioner. They have all endorsed Dario because they know he is the best candidate to represent District 6 and the issues that matter most to them.

Government and Community Leaders:

Jim Ramstad

US House of Representatives

James M. (Jim) Ramstad served as a Member of Congress from Minnesota from 1991 until 2009. He was a Member of the House Ways and Means Committee, Health and Trade Subcommittees and Chairman of the Oversight Subcommittee. Ramstad also served on the House Small Business Committee and co-chaired the Addiction Treatment and Recovery Caucus, Medical Technology Caucus, Law Enforcement Caucus and Disabilities Caucus.

Nancy Tyra-Lukens

Mayor of Eden Prairie*

Nancy was the Mayor of Eden Prairie for over 13 years. During her tenure, she has made connections across all levels of Minnesota government.

With her decades of experience, Nancy firmly endorses Dario's candidacy because she is confident in his talents. She says, " Dario Anselmo will bring a unique background to his role as a County Commissioner that will be invaluable as Hennepin County moves forward facing new challenges. Having served as a legislator, a business professional and an active volunteer in District 6, he has shown a level of involvement and dedication to the community which is unmatched. He understands the values, hopes and concerns of the residents of the District and will combine this with his visionary leadership to build a County that thrives economically, maintains high standards for services, and meets the needs of our residents."

Brad Wiersum

Mayor of Minnetonka

Brad Wiersum was elected mayor in 2017 following 15 years as the city's Ward 3 council member. Brad was elected in 2004, then re-elected in 2007, 2011 and 2015.

"I am pleased to announce my endorsement of Dario Anselmo for Commissioner, Hennepin County, District 6. Dario’s experience in public service, in business and as an entrepreneur give him a strong foundation to be a successful commissioner. His years of civic and public leadership will serve him well as the District 6 Commissioner. Important to me is the fact that Dario is running without party endorsement. The office of Commissioner is a non-partisan office, and I choose to support a candidate who honors that and will be an independent voice for all of the residents of Hennepin County. Please join me in supporting Dario Anselmo for Commissioner."

Scott Zerby

Mayor of Shorewood

Scott served as the president Chamber of Commerce for several years. He is also currently the president-elect of the Rotary Club of Excelsior and served as a Senior Community Services board member. Scott also served on the Shorewood City Council for 10 years, and has been the Mayor for the last 10 years.

Jaci Lindstrom

Mayor of Minnetonka Beach

"The best candidate for Hennepin County Commissioner needs to have a record of public service and a level of experience that will enable them to be effective on day one. Dario Anselmo is that candidate and I am proud to support his campaign. The issues I care most about - the ballooning county budget, unsustainable property tax increases and mental health advocacy - are issues that Dario is best-equipped to lead on. I look forward to working with him when he's on the county board."

Terri Bonoff

Minnesota State Senator*

Terri is a former member of the Minnesota Senate, representing District 44, which included portions of Minnetonka, Plymouth and Woodland in Hennepin County in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.In 2016 she ran for U.S. Congress in the third Congressional district against then incumbent Erik Paulsen.

"Dario brings the depth and breadth of talent, experience and empathy that today’s times demand. The health, well being and financial strength of Hennepin County is of paramount importance to the health, well being and financial strength of Minnesota. The unprecedented intensity of our challenges require a seasoned leader who has a record of working in a bi-partisan style to achieve results that support a strategic vision. We must take action that lights a pathway forward to heal our great divide and repair the torn fabric of our community. Dario, in partnership with the many local leaders who endorsed his candidacy is that leader."

Roy Terwilliger

Minnesota State Senator*

Roy served in the State Senate from 1992-2002. He eventually became the Chairman of the Chari of the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission. Terwilliger was a leading Republican moderate in the state Senate during his tenure in the Senate before accepting Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s offer to chair the sports commission. He says of Dario:

"Edina is a special place and Dario is a special state representative. I served in the state legislature for eleven years and I know that the most effective legislators are those who are willing to listen to and work with all sides on an issue and come up with a solution that works for everyone involved. Dario has done that on a number of issues and I am confident that he will continue to be the best representative for all of Edina."

Sandy Layman

Minnesota House of Representatives

Sandy is herself a proven leader, and has worked closely with Dario in the past. The two collaborated on raising the age for the purchase of Tobbacco to 21, and share many other goals, including more affordable healthcare for all Minnesotans. After seeing Dario's tenacity first-hand in the House of Representatives, Sandy is happy to see he is now turning his talents to focusing more specifically on Hennepin County, a community he has lived in for over 50 years and has always held dear.

"I'm happy to support Dario Anselmo for the office of Hennepin County Commissioner," Richards said. "I firmly believe that the interests of local communities are best served when their offices are free of partisan campaigns. Dario's track record both in public service and private enterprise has demonstrated a commitment of putting people and communities before partisan politics."

Barb Haley

Minnesota House of Representatives

Barb Haley served as national director of sales force effectiveness for AT&T. Later, she sat on the Fairview Red Wing Health Services Board from 2007 to 2012 and was executive director of SteppsUp. She is currently the executive director of Red Wing WORKS and a member of the boards of the Red Wing Family YMCA and WomenCents. In addition to all of this, Haley serves as a member of the Minnesota House.

"I can confidently endorse my friend and former colleague Dario Anselmo for Hennepin County Commissioner. As a State Representative, I served with Dario in the Minnesota House and we worked together on the Higher Education and Workforce Development Committee. Dario was committed to maintaining the quality of our state’s higher ed institutions and ensuring that all students would be prepared to meet our workforce needs and achieve personal and career success. Dario is that rare politician who looks at issues from all angles and forms his own opinion in an effort to find the best solutions to serve his community. He would be an outstanding commissioner for the residents in Hennepin County."

Mark Stenglein

Hennepin County Commissioner*

As a former commissioner himself, Mark is acutely familiar with the qualities required to fulfill the role well. He has also worked very closely with Dario in the past, and therefore knows that Dario possesses those qualities. The two worked together on a number of issues while Dario was a State Rep, including downtown crime, the light rail, and the Minnesota Twins Stadium.

Randy Johnson

Hennepin County Commissioner*

Commissioner Johnson testified before Congress more often than any elected county official in history and was the first Minnesota official to lead a national county association. Dario will look to continue that role with the bipartisan relationships he's built over the last 30 years of community and public service, and Randy strongly supports that initiative.

Paul Ostrow

President of Minneapolis City Council*

Paul has worked closely with Dario many a time. Here's what he had to say:

"I enthusiastically endorse and support Dario Anslemo for the Hennepin County Board. Dario has the right combination of pragmatism, integrity and commitment to serve his constituents and to make Hennepin County government work for people.

As President of the Minneapolis City Council I had the privilege of working with Dario when he was an outstanding leader and advocate for the Warehouse Business Association. We desperately need leaders with business acumen now more than ever. We will be faced with tremendous budget challenges at every level of government. Dario’s experience building a successful business that has been a great asset to the City of Minneapolis will serve him well on the County Board.

Perhaps most importantly Dario is campaigning and governing as a Problem Solver. You may ask what that means. It is quite simple. He does not bring a rigid ideology or party label to issues. Quite often it is these ideologies and party labels that block needed reforms and solutions that work for everyone. We cannot afford the politics of labels and extremes anymore. Especially at the local level where so many issues do not fit neatly into a political platform." Read Paul's full endorsement by clicking on the link icon above

Barbara Johnson

President of Minneapolis City Council*

Barb knows what it takes to govern Hennepin County well. She served as the Minneapolis City Council President for 20 years, so she has experience in this community and knows what it needs. Barb firmly believes that Dario will serve it well. Before her tenure as President, Barb worked as a mental health nurse, so she loves Dario's dedication to and passion for mental health issues.

Here's what she had to say about him: "I know Dario will use his experience to foster relationships across levels of government. When we work together, more gets done. So glad he is running."

Fred Richards

Fred Richards

Mayor of Edina*

Former Edina Mayor Fred Richards joins a growing list of past and present elected officials endorsing the County Commissioner campaign of Dario Anselmo.

"I'm happy to support Dario Anselmo for the office of Hennepin County Commissioner," Richards said. "I firmly believe that the interests of local communities are best served when their offices are free of partisan campaigns. Dario's track record both in public service and private enterprise has demonstrated a commitment of putting people and communities before partisan politics."

Fred Richards was Edina's Mayor from 1988 to1997, following 14 years on the City Council. The namesake of an Edina Park and formerly the Fred Richards Golf Course, Richards has also served Edina through the Park Board, Environmental Quality and Transportation Commissions and the non-profit Edina Community Foundation.

"I am honored to have the support of someone with such a history of non-partisan public service as Mayor Richards," Anselmo said. "Fred Richards exemplifies the Minnesota tradition of placing community service before political partisanship and I'm grateful for the example he set for myself and others during his time in office."

Todd Carlson

Mayor of Excelsior

Todd has served as the Mayor of Excelsior since 2019, following his impressive career in public service across the country. He also serves as a leader in 3M's Water Filtration branch.

Todd and Dario share a background in having both been a part of the business world and local politics. They both share a vision for the lake-side communities that preserves the close-knit nature of the towns and businesses.

Andrew Mullin

Wayzata City Council*

Andrew strongly endorses Dario:

As a former Wayzata City Council member (2009-2017) I am proud to endorse Dario Anselmo as the next Hennepin County Commissioner for District 6. We need independent thinking and a non-partisan approach to this important work.

He is committed to "the great central task of leaving this land even a better land for our descendants than it is for us."
- Teddy Roosevelt

I know we can count on Dario to represent all of us in District 6 to the highest standard on the County Board.

Brad Schaeppi

Minnetonka City Council

Brad Schaeppi sits on the Minnetonka City Council in addition to his full time employment as a real estate attorney. He wants the residents of Minnetonka to know this:

"Dario meets and exceeds Minnetonka's historic non-partisan test with his bi-partisan voting record. A vote for Dario secures Minnetonka's long legacy of true non-partisanship. "

The People that Protect Us:

TwinWest Chamber of Commerce

TwinWest’s members represent a variety of businesses and industries, ranging from national and internationally renowned corporations and manufacturers, to home-based businesses and companies involved in the service and professional sectors.

Dario had this to say about the Chamber: "It is great to have the support of an organization that represents the metro area including all of our district. The TwinWest Chamber is a connecting force for small and medium sized businesses and provides a pathway to prosperity. Wonderful to be aligned with a group that shares my priorities on: Workforce Housing, Transportation Connectivity, Workforce Development, and keeping a close eye on the on the costs of doing business in our community via Property Taxes."

Conservation Minnesota

The work of Conservation Minnesota is guided by the values and priorities of Minnesota. They listen to Minnesotans and focus on solving the conservation problems that matter most to you. They turn our love of Minnesota’s Great Outdoors into the laws that protect it. And they provide reliable information to help make important decisions for our families and community.

Dario will protect and preserve our natural resources.

Hennepin County Association of Paramedics & EMTS Logo

Hennepin County Association of Paramedics & EMTs

Our healthcare and emergency services have been pushed to the limit over the last year and they've gone above and beyond to save lives and provide care. Whether they are answering calls in the west metro to help a senior citizen or rushing to the scene of an accident to support firefighters in the suburbs, these are the kind of people we can count on.

HCAPE and Dario share a goal of supporting our Paramedics and EMS at the county level to ensure that our citizens continue to get the level of care they need.


The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Deputies Association (HCSDA) is a professional collective bargaining unit of more than 270 sworn Deputy Sheriffs, Crime Lab Technicians, and Detectives of the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office.

Dario will help ensure that our Deputies are properly cared for and respected. As the county's overall First Responders, they have an important place in our community's sense of safety and well being.

Survivors Lead Action Fund

The Survivors Lead Action Fund offers a distinction and recognition to survivors of gun violence, sexual violence, human trafficking, domestic violence and state’s violence.

The Survivors Lead Action Fund wants to recognize trauma survivors, standing in their power, to run for public office.

Dario's personal experience of losing his mother to gun violence and his plan to help solve this issue make him an excellent candidate, and Survivors Lead Action Fund strongly endorses him.

Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association

The Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association (MPPOA) was founded in 1922 and its members include municipal police officers, county deputy sheriffs, correctional officers and other public safety professionals employed in the State of MN. The MPPOA is the largest association representing public safety professionals in the State of Minnesota.

Dario will protect public safety and civil service by promoting sensible legislation, and caring for the brave officers in our midst.

The People that Build Things:

International Union of Operating Engineers

Whether it's the roads, bridges, dams, or buildings you use every day, or a host of other things that require precise engineering, it's a good thing they were built by members of the IUOE. The organization advocates for safe conditions on behalf of its workers, and thereby helps build excellent, safe structures for the general populace. They are safely building the roads you travel on, the bridges you cross, the tunnels you drive through and so much more.

Dario will support the need for safe working conditions at the County level. He can be trusted to value the work done by Engineers everywhere, and to protect them and the public from harm.

North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters

The NCSRCC is committed to providing training and advocacy for our carpenters and contractors. The organization has fought for fair pay, fair hours, and fair safety protocols.

Dario understands the importance of the work the NCSRCC does, and he will be a strong leader in supporting the goals of safety and fairness in Hennepin County. The Carpenters Union is helping make sure we have a highly trained workforce to meet the growth of our economy in future years.

Dario’s Full List of Endorsements:

Former Federal Elected Official:

  • U.S. Representative Jim Ramstad

Current and Former District 6 Mayors:

  • Excelsior Mayor Todd Carlson
  • Minnetonka Beach Mayor Jaci Lindstrom
  • Minnetonka Mayor Brad Wiersum
  • Wayzata Mayor Ken Wilcox
  • Shorewood Mayor Scott Zerby
  • Spring Park Mayor Jerry Rockvam
  • Minnetonka Mayor Karen J. Anderson*
  •  Long Lake Mayor Janet Schaefer*
  • Eden Prairie Mayor Nancy Tyra-Lukens*
  •  Wayzata Mayor Andrew Humphrey*
  •  Edina Mayor Fred Richards*
  • Mound Mayor Ray Salazar
  • Orono Mayor Dennis Walsh

District 6 City Council Members:

  • Brad Schaeppi, Minnetonka
  • Andrew Mullin, Wayzata*

Hennepin County Commissioners:

  • Mary Tambornino* (District 6)
  • Randy Johnson*
  • Mark Stenglein*

Former Elected Officials:

  • Minneapolis City Council President Barbara Johnson
  • Minneapolis City Council President Paul Ostrow
  • Minneapolis City Council Member Denny Schulstad

Community Leader:

  • Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce President Jonathan Weinhagen


  • Hennepin County Sheriff’s Deputies Association
  • Hennepin County Association of Paramedics and EMTs
  • International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 49
  • North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters
  • Twin West Chamber of Commerce PAC
  • Conservation Minnesota 

Minnesota State Legislators:

  • Senator Terri Bonoff* (Minnetonka)
  • Senator Roy Terwilliger* (Edina & Eden Prairie)
  • Senator Paul Anderson (Minnetonka)
  • Senator Geoff Michel* (Edina)
  • State Representative Jon Applebaum* (Minnetonka) 
  • State Representative Barb Hayley
  • State Representative Sandy Layman